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Relationship 101/Love Advice Part 2

Again I’m no expert but living with my boyfriend has taught me a lot of things about relationships that I wish to bestow to others that need the advice.

Anyways! Gents, stop telling us to “chill out” Ahhh I can’t stress that enough! I hate it when my boyfriend tells me to “chill out” it just makes me extra mad and gets me just as more pissed off than I already was. Let us women “chill out” on our own terms. Eventually we do calm down and realize our mistakes. Just leave the room and then come back later so we can talk about the arguement, apologize and then have hot makeup sex.
It’s that magical time of the month when my stomach is bloated making me look pregnant when I’m not, I’m crying because the main character of the korean drama that I am watching chooses the jerk hole male lead instead of the second lead guy who’s been there for her since day 1. My face is breaking out, my ovaries are killing me, I feel like I’m being stabbed to death, my back is hurting and my already heavy boobs are feeling like they’re heavier today. So yes it’s normal for us to be emotional, yes it’s okay for us to overreact, yes we are gonna cry all damn day. Here’s what you can do to help, rent or download some chick flicks like The Notebook, Titanic, etc. So we can cry for a reason, buy us some chocolate, chocolate is a natural endorphin, and buy either pamprin and midol. Trust me your woman will thank you and you’ll be her knight in shining armor for mthe day.
Another thing I realize is gents, be romantic every now and then. This woman decided on you, and only you. She choose to be with you when there are so many options out there. Is it so hard to take her out on a nice dinner and movie date? We like to be reminded how special we are to you. And if you can’t afford to take her out, cook her a nice dinner and download or rent some movies to watch and cuddle together. At the end, you’ll most likely get some booty at the end! ;)
Sex is more than just a physical attraction towards each other, it’s a special connection. To me, I need to have an emotional connection before I can sleep with anyone. Sex without love is meaningless. Trust me, it’s fun for awhile but at the end it gets lonely. Before my boyfriend and I started dating, I use to have a few fuck buddy’s that I would sleep around with. It was fun but I got so bored later on, not to mention I wanted something more meaningful.
A relationship takes two to make it work. You have to give a lot and ask for little. It’s an equal partnership, it’s not a me, me, me thing. It’s an “us” thing. If that makes sense. Treat each other the way you want to be treated.
Hope this all helps. Good luck to all~


never give up on your dreams

keep sleeping



how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

Simple love advice 101:

Ladies and Gents, I’m not completely an expert at relationships but I can give you some helpful advice that I have learned on my own relationship.
You see this is my first relationship that is a serious relationship because we are currently living together.
We haven’t been together for long but living with him for the past 2 months has taught me a lot. What to expect, what not to expect, etc.
In general, when I first agreed to being his gf I thought it was going to be an easy relationship where everything is going to be great and amazing. Boy was I wrong. Our age difference is 9years apart. He’s 30 about to be 31 soon and I am currently 22. At my age I still expect to be treated like a princess, to be spoiled with gifts and love and affection. Nope, not with this guy. He’s already been through that, he’s past that age where women are to be tended to their every want and need and he’s right. Don’t get me wrong, he does show me love and affection, but not all the time. He does it when he wants to, not when I ask or force him to. Ladies, what I learn is that when a man truly loves you, he will show it to you himself. Don’t nag him here and there saying you need to be spoiled like a princess that sh*t isn’t cute! That just shows him how needy you are. And that is going to annoy him even more. Don’t put him on blast when you’re mad at him on social media. I made a huge mistake saying that my boyfriend doesn’t care about me at all when we had a huge fight. You know why? Because first of all, what happens between you and your significant other, stays between yall. You don’t need to drag your drama to everyone, because when you stop crying and finally start to think with your head not your emotions, you’re gonna regret talking sh*t about him when you two makeup to one another. Not to mention by now your friends and family will think he’s a jackass/jerk and will dislike him from now on. Another thing, ladies, I hate to say this, but men are right. We do need to chill out. When you’re mad you get angry and say hurtful things to anyone. What I do is just go for a walk, or go to the living room and watch some korean drama on my iPad. When I finally calm down, I go back to the bedroom and apologize for saying those hurtful things to my bf. Men have feelings too, they won’t show it well like we do, but yes they do have feelings. You know how when you have a rough day at work and all you want to do is relax at home watch TV? The same thing that men want to do. Ladies if your man had a rough day at work, the last thing they want to hear is your constant complaining and nagging. I learned that the hard way, all that nagging and complaining will lead to an arguement. So I just let him be and if he wants to talk about it, he will on his own terms. Part 2 of this will be up tomorrow~ for now time for bed. Like I said before, I’m no love expert, but living with my boyfriend has taught me so much about relationships that I want to pass this advice on to others that may need it. Part 2 will be about what the men can do.